Mineral Waste Valorization


JASMMIN is the first Brazilian startup focused on technologies for the development of environmentally-friendly construction products made from residues and wastes.

It was born at the Federal Centre for Tech. Education of Minas Gerais (CEFET-MG), Brazil, gathering the expertise of academics, researchers, CEFETMINAS Foundation (FCM) and professionals with significant industrial experience.

JASMMIN works in partnership with several industrial sectors, such as mining, metallurgy, construction and agricultural, valuing their byproducts, wastes and tailings in the manufacture of alkali-activated materials (aka geopolymers) or products with low Portland cement content.

Value Offer

Reduction of wastes and tailings disposal by reusing them in the manufacture of building materials.


Market development and connection between companies to manufacture and commercialize products with JASMMIN technology.


Technology for customized production of alkali-activated materials (geopolymers) with low environmental impact.



  • Reuse of waste and tailings in a new industrial process;
  • Production of materials with low environmental impact;
  • Reduction of the volume of waste and tailings disposed in landfills or dams.


  • Cost reduction of wastes and tailings disposal;
  • Opening of new businesses and markets for partners.


  • Potential gains for municipalities in order to reduce costs of infrastructure;
  • Job and income generation for local communities.


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